Storm Casters

Storm Casters 1.0.5

Fast, frenetic fun down in the dungeons

Storm Casters is a frenetic dungeon-crawling game that's a blast to play.

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  • Charming graphics
  • Comfortable controls
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Waiting to replay levels gets annoying

Very good

Storm Casters is a frenetic dungeon-crawling game that's a blast to play.

There's a storm brewing

Storm Casters is a bit like a super-charged version of Zelda. It's a top-down dungeon adventure where you must traverse the perilous rooms, blasting skeletons, monsters, and ghouls to escape the room before the time runs out.

There's plenty more to Storm Caster's gameplay besides running around blasting the heck out of the undead (which in itself is great fun). Along the way you must collect coins and gain XP, which can be used to upgrade your powers and earn more time in the dungeon.

There's a battle cards system, in which you collect cards that give you certain abilities, powers or weapons. Once you have the cards you can drop them in the levels to help you out. It adds a tactical element to a game which is otherwise purely based on tearing around and frantically firing.

Storm Caster gets pretty tough, and there comes a time where in-app purchases give you a huge boost, though if you're nimble enough you can keep going through the levels without too much 'grinding' of rooms to get coins. One of the most frustrating parts of the game is the lack of a replay level button. Instead, you must return to the menu screen and wait while Storm Caster loads back up. This gets pretty annoying once you reach the tougher levels.

Going into combat

The combat system in Storm Caster is one of the most gratifying I've played for a while. You move around using a handy thumbpad and there are action buttons for firing weapons and letting off bombs. The weapons auto-aim but if you prefer more of a challenge you can switch to dual stick controls.

It's a very comfortable mechanic, and the thud effect of the firing gives it an intensely satisfying feel that prompts an insaitiable need to keep playing Storm Caster.

Enchanting graphics

Visually, Storm Casters is a delight. As you might expect from the company who brought us Mega Jump and Mega Run!, the game has penty of wacky bad guys, who manage to look both cute and menacing at the same time.

Animation is slick, though it labors on older devices and if you're playing on an iPhone 4 you'll find it lags a lot.

A storming adventure game

Storm Casters is a charming dungeon runner which is challenging enough to keep you occupied for some time.

Storm Casters


Storm Casters 1.0.5

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